2017 Spring Shorts


Coming on 15-24 September 2017
to the Wharf Restaurant Merimbula and Funhouse Studio Bega

A performance of short plays by Australian writers by Footprint Theatre.

The program so far…we’ll be adding to this list after the Script Development workshop in 25 June!

Walking The Dog
written and directed by Penelope Hunt
Jill decides to investigate why their dog Barney is looking even fatter since her recently retired husband Darryl has taken over walking him each day.

One Night Stan
by Adam Szudrich
directed by Lis Shelley
Comedy – Three women of different generations give an independent assessment of their date with ‘Stan’.
Winner of People’s Choice Award at Sydney Short+Sweet 2017

Cate Blanchett Wants To be My Friend on Facebook
by Alex Broun
directed by Robert Buck
Facebook – a valuable “social networking” tool, but what if you haven’t got any friends? Cate Blanchett, Academy Award winning actress, knows the feeling. And now she’s out to get some, whether Barry likes it or not. A comedy with one very famous person…

Waiting for Go
by Elspeth Tilley
directed by Kerry Hynes
Roadworkers Flo and Sam reflect on the impatient speed of our modern life on its fast track to the destruction of our planet.