2009 The Red-Headed League

Auditions were held at the Bottom Pub in Pambula on 11 and 13 August 2009 for a radio play adaptation by Valerie Lillington of this Sherlock Holmes short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Rehearsals took place in August and September and the play was recorded at ABC Radio Southeast studios in Bega on 9 September 2009.

It was broadcast on ABC Radio Southeast between 15 and 19 March 2010.

Director: Valerie Lillington
Cast: Andrew Gray, Karl Auer, Peter O’Brien, Robert Buck, Robert Bird, Bernard Ackroyd, Geoff Carswell, Martin McGee.

Thanks to…

ABC Radio Southeast: Ian Campbell and Jen Hunt for producing the radio play.
Royal Willows Hotel Pambula for giving us an audition venue.

Auditions at Pambula Pub…

Recording at ABC Radio Southeast…