2010 One Night Stand

Twelve local actors from Footprint Theatre, including first time improvisers who graduated from our Drama School 2010, together with guest MC Nick Byrne from Impro Theatre ACT in Canberra, appeared in a fabulous evening of improvised theatre on Sunday 3 October 2010 at the Discovery Holiday Park in Pambula Beach.

Yes! They made it up as they went along…

The audience wasn’t large (thanks to the long weekend and the footy grand final on the same night!) but they certainly made up for it in enthusiasm!

impro logo bananaCast

From Impro Theatre ACT:

  • Nick Byrne

From Footprint Theatre Drama School 2010:

  • Karl Auer
  • Anna Auer
  • Robert Buck
  • Arati George
  • Tim Goff
  • Kerry Hynes
  • Nick Hynes
  • Chris Michelin
  • Lis Shelley
  • Anna Theris
  • Michael Ubrihien
  • Louise Yeoman


Lighting & Stage: Karl Auer, Tim Goff

Front of House: Karen Tarpey, Louise Yeoman