2011 Ruby Moon

posterimage2by Matt Cameron
Music by Andrew McNaughton
Directed by Andrew Gray & Emma Hibbert

Footprint Theatre performed five public shows at Nethercote Hall and Wolumla Hall in November 2011 by special arrangement with Matt Cameron c/- Currency Press.

It begins like a fairytale…Little Ruby Moon went to visit her grandma at the end of the cul-de-sac one day and never came back. Ruby’s parents Sylvie and Ray are haunted by her disappearance. Their evenings are spent compulsively putting together the few clues they have in the hope of solving the puzzle. Then one day, a mysterious parcel arrives on the doorstep…maybe their neighbours hold the key?


An Australian thriller from the dark heart of suburbia, Ruby Moon was on the 2011 NSW Higher School Certificate Drama curriculum.


Ruby Moon is a two-hander with each actor playing several different characters.

Andrew Gray

  • Ray Moon, the father
  • Carl Ogle, the inventor
  • Sonny Jim, the solder
  • Sid Craven, the clown
  • Detective Holloway (voiceover)

Lis Shelley

  • Silvie Moon, the mother
  • Dulcie Doily, the spinster
  • Veronica Vale, the singer
  • Dawn Berger, the babysitter
  • Grandma Moon, the grandmother (voiceover)

Anna Auer

  • Ruby Moon (voiceover)


Karl Auer, Anna Auer, Fiona Boyd, Robert Buck, Phil Cheek, Kerry Hynes, Peter O’Brien, Judy Shelley, Rita White, Louise Yeoman


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