2012 One Night Stand

A4poster_400For our 2012 ONE NIGHT STAND, 18 improvisers from around the Bega Valley joined with special guest Patti Stiles to perform a night of impro at the Wharf Restaurant in Merimbula.

Our cast still had amazing energy after a whole weekend of impro workshopping – fantastic!

Act 1 was short form impro with some of our newer improvisers supported by the old hands. The highlight was a whaling-horror-typewriter story with nautical sound effects provided by not only the improvisers on and off stage but also the audience – very cool and very spooky! Clearly the wharf location was beginning to mess with everyone’s minds…

Act 2 was a “mini long form” impro directed by Patti, which explored in more depth a series of relationships new and old in a beachside location. Hmmm, I sense a theme here…

Act 3 returned to short form, with some fast paced scenes including Patti being (re)born, correspondence between Tiger Woods and HM Liz II, culminating in a group photo in an unnamed Yugoslavian airport.

Lots of great feedback from our audience – thanks to everyone for making it happen:

MC Blake; scene directors Patti and Alli; cast members Alli, Peta, Simon, Mahamati, Michael, Hannah, the 3 Belles/Bellas, Arati, David, Emmy, Robert, Chloe, Kerry, Jamin, Anna and Lis; crew members Phil, Colin, Tim, Karl, Judy, Lis and the Wharf Restaurant staff.

Roll on the next ONE NIGHT STAND!