2017 Shorts in Summer

Rehearsed Play reading of 6 short plays

Saturday 4 Feb 2017 at the Bega Valley Regional Learning Centre in Cabarita Place, MERIMBULA

A rehearsed reading (scripts in hand) by local actors and directors who had been to our Directing Workshop Series followed by a Behind the Scenes/Q&A..
Plays by Alex Broun, Gerry Greenland and Elspeth Tilley

The plays included:

Cate Blanchett Wants To be My Friend on Facebook
by Alex Broun
directed by Robert Buck
featuring Jon Bignell, Dannis Stanton, Anna Auer and Georgina Bright
Facebook – a valuable “social networking” tool, but what if you haven’t got any friends? Cate Blanchett, Academy Award winning actress, knows the feeling. And now she’s out to get some, whether Barry likes it or not. A comedy with one very famous person…

by Alex Broun
directed by Dianne Johnson
featuring Wilna Donovan and Penelope Hunt
Friday afternoon. Mark enters the lift, already occupied by Stephen. Mark soon discovers that two people from his office are being ‘exited’. He’s determined to find out more before letting Stephen exit.

Waiting for Go
by Elspeth Tilley
directed by Kerry Hynes
featuring Dennis Stanton and Charlotte Ahrens
Roadworkers Flo and Sam reflect on the impatient speed of our modern life on its fast track to the destruction of our planet.

Un-Australian Day
by Alex Broun
directed by Zach Hooker
featuring Dennis Stanton and Charlotte Ahrens
Bart is just a good Samaritan, your average Aussie bloke. He’s got his esky and his blanket and he’s looking forward to celebrating Australia Day in “True Blue” patriotic fashion. That is until he meets Luke. A comedy about just what it means to be “Australian”.

George Brown Steps Out
by Gerry Greenland
directed by Anna Auer
featuring Jon Bignell and Charlotte Ahrens
Wally has kidnapped George Brown, who expects to die as he knows of no-one willing to pay the ransom.

The First Fireworks
by Alex Broun
directed by Donna Cotter
featuring Karl Auer and Jon Bignell
Every New Year’s Eve for the last twenty years Dawn has brought her daughter Helen to their own secret place high on a hill to watch the midnight fireworks. But tonight is the last time they will come.