2019 Special General Meeting

This notice is to inform members that a Special General Meeting will be held at 2pm on Sunday 30 June 2019 at The Rockpool Cafe Club Sapphire Main Street Merimbula to put the special resolutions on the following page to members.

A list of assets as well as miscellaneous non asset items to be distributed to a ‘like’ organisation has been emailed to members. The organisations listed have been approached to nominate any particular items they are interested in.

In order for the resolutions to pass, 75% of the current financial membership must be present or submit a proxy vote not less than 24 hours before the meeting.
No member can hold more than 5 proxies – please check with the person you are giving your proxy to before completing that section of the form.

If you intend to vote by proxy, please read this notice and complete this proxy form and return it to Footprint Theatre by email info@footprint.org.au or mail to PO Box 111 Pambula 2549


In the past few years it has become more difficult to find volunteer members willing to stand for committee positions and to do the work necessary to maintain the standard of productions each year.
The local theatre scene has also changed with the entry of other players such as Dreamcoat Productions and StageFlight, as well as ongoing productions from Spectrum Theatre Group and Theatre Onset. In addition, with the advent of the new Theatre Twyford, more commercial theatre will soon be coming to the area. Whilst competition is good, it does reduce the available human resources and competes for audience dollar to support productions and workshops. The advent of the Far South Film association also means that our Film School may become defunct.

Footprint Theatre can be proud of its achievements over the last 10 years including

  • Staging 41 plays, almost all by Australian writers, 13 written by local writers
  • Touring theatre to 13 venues
  • Running 27 theatre related workshops
  • Coordinating annual youth Drama and Film Schools
  • Applying for and being granted funding from the Mumbulla Foundaton, Bendigo Bank, Regional Arts NSW and Festivals Australia.
  • Developing skills in acting, directing, lighting, sound, script writing, film making
  • Collaborating with other arts organisations and festivals

Thank you for your energy and your support over the last decade.
Lis Shelley

1. That Footprint Theatre Inc commence voluntary cancellation of the association with effect from 30 June 2019.
2. That in the event that less than 75% of the membership does not agree to cancellation, nominations be called from the floor to fill the 5 vacant committee positions and in the event that the committee positions cannot be filled, that Resolution 1 be put again.
3. That in the event that Resolution 1 succeeds, assets belonging to the association be distributed to one ore more ‘like’ associations, as per the Constitution and Fair Trading rules.
4. That in the event that Resolution 3 succeeds, a share of Footprint Theatre’s assets be given to Theatre Onset of Bega, subject to the agreement of Fair Trading NSW.
5. That in the event that Resolution 3 succeeds, a share of Footprint Theatre’s assets be given to Far South Film, subject to the agreement of Fair Trading NSW.
6. That in the event that Resolution 1 succeeds, the following accounts be closed as soon as possible:
Association of Community Theatre
Online accounts (eg Facebook)
PO Box 111 Pambula
Footprint Theatre Bendigo Bank account 633000 acct Nbr 137448981
7. That an archive of the Footprint Theatre website be offered to the National Library Pandora archiving project and that VentraIP web hosting and domain registration footprint.org.au be cancelled.