2009 Official Launch

Footprint Theatre was established on 26 March 2009 and we held our official launch party at Mandeni Golf Centre on Sunday 28 June 2009.

Det. da Vinci from The Art Police was on duty to ensure that the event had a suitable arty flavour and demonstrated some of the more unusual techniques in use to police art these days…

Lis Shelley gave a short speech and declared the group officially launched.

A pleasant afternoon followed in the winter sunshine with a barbecue.

True to our name, we left only footprints behind in the sand, and Wilma Donovan was the lucky winner of our draw to have her footprint cast in plaster for posterity!

Footprint Theatre leaves its mark at Mandeni!

L-R Steve, Valentina, Karl, Cathy, Paula, Valerie, Phil, Annette, Sue, Lis, Judy, Lynne, Mel, Angus, Arabella, Karen, Bob, Gemma, Tim, Andrew, Phil, Pixie, Peter, Anna, Wilma