2009 Eden Whale Festival


Footprint Theatre braved the wind on the Saturday afternoon of the 2009 Eden Whale Festival to stage a two-part street theatre performance…


17 of us froze as statues for 4 minutes amongst the “crowd”. Reactions from unsuspecting bystanders ranged from “What are they doing?” to”Ooh look, there’s more of them” and “Is he alright?”. Noone was carted off in an ambulance and we all survived the incursion of an impromptu reptile handling performance. We finished off with a relaxing drink at the Great Southern Inn afterwards looking out to sea (and yes! we even saw a real whale in the bay!).

Thanks to Peter, Max, Valerie, Lesley, Robert, Margo, Pia, Shaun, Louise, Cooper, Emmily, Karen, Annterese, Judy, Anna, Lis and Karl for joining in the show and to Ric for filming it for us.


Anna read the children’s story “The Snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Footprinters Cooper, Emmily & Louise, Judy, Karen, Annterese and Shaun became snails and a whale, a firefighter, teacher, schoolkids, animals, sealife, speedboats and villagers. Hooray! The snail saved the whale! Thanks to Karl and Peter for handling the “sea and sky”.