2009 Inheritance Script Workshop


A collaboration with The Writers of the Far South Coast

A workshop was held on Sat 7 November 2009 at the Frank Maher Pavilion in Pambula to read and workshop some short plays written by the local Writers of the Far South Coast on the theme “Inheritance”.

The plays were:

  • Irish Boys by Anna Buck
  • The Collection by Rosslyn Thomas
  • A Great Place to Eat Spaghetti by Nance Cookson
  • I Didn’t Know by Larry Oakley
  • Inheritance by Mary-Ellen Turbet.

We started by reading all of the plays, then broke into smaller groups and looked at the structure, dramatic action, themes, characters and stage directions of each play in detail.

After some rewriting, rearranging and replaying, a mini performance in the afternoon showed how the plays had progressed from raw scripts to works on stage.

The writers and the theatre people were appreciative of the chance to work with each other and went away with lots of notes and enthusiasm.

Thanks to: Anna & Robert, Rosslyn, Nance, Mary-Ellen, Peter, Maggie, Mahamati, Ellen, Annterese, Karl & Lis

Ther short plays were further developed for performance in 2010 under the collective title “Inheritance – Six Short Plays“.